Seven Mother's Day Gift Ideas May 2, 2017 BACK TO MARKET BUZZ

Seven Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day, arguably one of the most important days of the year, is just around the corner. But if you’re a last-minute shopper, fear not, a quick trip to Farmers Market will serve up a bounty of great gift ideas for mom.

Here are seven items we think will make great gifts this year.

Personalized Candy Jars

These stylish candy tins from Mr. Marcel Gourmet Market can be custom labeled with the sentiment of your choice. Whether you choose a simple “I love you, mom” (Je t’aime Maman) or a super-personalized greeting, the merchants at Mr. Marcel can help you get it right. Fill each container with chocolates, jelly beans or a personalized Mr. Marcel gift card, or buy a set of three and watch mom’s face light up as she opens this gift made just for her.


Custom-Crafted Jewelry

Sure, jewelry always makes a nice gift. But imagine how excited mom will be when she receives an artisan-crafted, one-of-a-kind ring, bracelet, necklace or earring set? Daniel and Sara Weiss at Weiss Jewelry and Weiss Studio have years of experience hand crafting jewelry specifically to fit all their customers’ tastes. Whether mom prefers a design from scratch or would rather repurpose a beloved gem into a fresh new setting, Daniel and Sara can help you find the look she desires. While Weiss Jewelry specializes in more classic-style jewelry, Weiss Studio is a perfect option for moms with more contemporary tastes.

Get a Little Spicy

If mom loves to kick things into high gear in the kitchen, Farmers Market offers a number of ways to help her flavor her meals. Your first stop should be at the Dragunara Spice Bazaar, where owner Michael Khemlani and his team sell only organic, grade-A spices and teas that are hand blended in Los Angeles. Need spices that are salt- and sugar-free? No problem, Dragunara carries a whole line of “slim spices.” Or for an extra jolt, ratchet things into high gear at Light My Fire, L.A’s popular hot sauce shop. Here, the flavors range from mild to can’t-be-printed-expletive hot. Not sure where to start? Buy a combo pack of Dave’s Insanity Gourmet Hot Sauces, which includes four distinct flavors.

L.A.’s Original Farmers Market Cookbook

Okay, admittedly we might be biased, but we think the L.A.’s Original Farmers Market Cookbook is a pretty great book. Not only does it serve up amazing recipe ideas from our merchants—steak frites with cognac mushroom sauce, anyone?—it also celebrates the history of the people that have made this a beloved landmark for more than 80 years. The book is heavily laced with food images as well as archival images from throughout the Market’s history, creating a terrific gift for long-standing Market fans. 

Farmers Market Tasting Tour

With nearly 100 merchants, and more than half of those dining establishments, Farmers Market has no lack of great places to eat. In fact, we have so many notable eateries, we often hear folks tell us they get overwhelmed just deciding where to eat at Farmers Market. But what if you didn’t have to decide? That’s right, make it easy on mom, by signing her up for The Original Farmers Market Food & History Tour, offered by Melting Pot Food Tours. The tour makes stops at many favorite hotspots, including Bob’s Coffee & Donuts, Brazilian churrascaria Pampas Grill and more.

Breakfast in Bed

For an extra special surprise, why not treat mom to breakfast in bed. You can pick up farm fresh eggs from Marconda’s Puritan Poultry or Farmers Market Poultry. Both poultry merchants also have sister butcher shops, where you can select from a huge choice of bacon and sausage meat. Don’t forget oranges for squeezing at Farm Boy ProduceFarm Fresh Produce or Greenhouse. You could also have Farm Fresh Produce custom blend your choice of juices or add a little Conscious Kombucha to your breakfast from Greenhouse Produce. Finally, be sure to brighten up the entire affair by serving it all on the whimsical melamine dishware available at Riceteria

Build Her Own Gift

Not exactly sure what mom wants this Mother’s Day? Maybe she’s in the mood for an insane 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle from Kip’s Toyland? Or maybe she’d like some romantic scented Colonial Candles from By Candlelight or custom-created aromatherapy oils from Essence of Nature?

Perhaps she’s just in the mood for a hefty cook-it-at-home Tomahawk Steak from Huntington Meats & Sausage or Marconda's Meats. Gift giving can be fraught with anxiety, so the best gift might just be a Farmers Market Gift Certificate.

We love to celebrate our moms at the Farmers Market. We hope you enjoy reading about them!