Plan Your Easter Celebration at Farmers Market March 27, 2018 BACK TO MARKET BUZZ

Celebrate Easter with the Original Farmers Market

Easter, a holy day commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a time when families come together. For many, the day begins by attending Mass or other religious celebration—Easter is reportedly the biggest day of the year for church attendance.

For others hunting for colorfully decorated Easter eggs is the day’s highlight, while younger children usually look forward to a visit by the Easter Bunny, who brings small gifts and chocolates.

No matter how folks celebrate the holiday, an integral part of the celebration is a lavish Easter Dinner, often starring lamb, duck, brisket or ham. At the Original Farmers Market, our merchants are ready to help you craft the perfect holiday celebration. 

Cooking at Home

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for two or a grand soiree for the whole family, our grocers have what you need to create a delicious meal.

A tip, be sure to start with a great centerpiece, like the Colorado Piedmontese Lamb from Marconda's Meats or a tasty Harris Ranch roast from Huntington Meats. Follow up with seasonal veggies from Farm Fresh Produce or Farm Boy Produce and your meal is sure to be a hit.

Is this your first time preparing Easter dinner? If you need inspiration visit for a delicious Lamb with Yogurt and Mint recipe, or check out these Easter Recipes at Sur La Table. Or pick up a copy of the L.A.’s Original Farmers Market Cookbook, for more meal ideas. 

Remember the best chefs always cook more than they need so they can continue to enjoy the fruits of their labors in the days ahead. Pick up some brightly colored food storage containers at Riceteria and The Container Store to make storing your leftovers as fun as eating them. 

Sweet Central

Need candy? You’ll definitely up your Easter game when you start handing out the tasty offerings from Dylan’s Candy Bar, Littlejohn’s English Toffee or The Magic Nut and Candy Co

The one problem with gifting the hand-crafted chocolates from Littlejohn’s? Once your loved ones have tasted these adorable treats, they won’t want to share. The candy artisans at Littlejohn’s are hard at work creating chocolate bunnies, chocolate Easter egg shells and butter cream eggs, which are sure to delight any chocoholics on your Easter party list.

More delectable treats await at The Magic Nut & Candy Co., where the customer favorite are the chocolate-covered candy apples decorated in toppings like nuts, coconut and M&Ms.

At Dylan’s Candy Bar, pick up an Easter tackle box assortment of candies, a “Peeps Party” gift set, or a chocolate-covered Oreo. You can even mix and match your treats in a Happy Easter Bucket. Shopping for young ones? Be sure to pick up Dylan’s signature Chocolate the Bunny or Vanilla the Bunny plush toys.

T&Y Bakery is also whipping up some fabulous treats including, cakes, pastries, cookies and more.


No Easter celebration is complete without a festive basket of brightly colored eggs.

Go old school and create your own Easter eggs. Start with some farm fresh eggs from Marconda's Puritan Poultry or Farmers Market Poultry. Boil the eggs first and then decorate them with food color, glitter and stickers from Sticker Planet.

Need more small gifts to fill out your Easter baskets? Be sure to stop by Kip’s Toyland—L.A.’s oldest toy shop—for a selection of vintage and modern-day toys. Or browse through Cost Plus World Market to find a variety of international toys and treats. 

Contemporary Celebration

Not so big on the hosted affair? Not to worry, many Farmers Market merchants are open on Easter Sunday, including Marmalade Cafe and Du-par's, and more so come on over and let someone else prepare your Easter dinner for you.