Eight Father’s Day Gift Ideas June 12, 2017 BACK TO MARKET BUZZ

Eight Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. But if you’re a last-minute shopper, fear not, a quick trip to Farmers Market will serve up a bounty of great gift ideas. Here are eight items we think will make great gifts this year.


Let dad unleash his most creative self, by giving him the gift of hands-on interaction. At Mixology 101, dads can channel their best Tom Cruise at bartending classes with mixologist. The cost is $65, which includes a welcome shot, two drinks with the mixologist, a dinner entrée of choice and glass of beer or house wine with dinner. A minimum of four people is required for each event. Plus, with Mixology 101’s constant flow of celebrity patrons, you never know who you might meet when you’re here. If dad needs extra help in the kitchen, or is looking to expand his culinary repertoire, take a look at the large lineup of cooking class at Sur La Table, which range from desserts to steak to buttery croissants to international fare, to almost everything in between.  

Tomahawk Steak

Last year, Laker Shaquille O’Neal tweeted “…the father’s day gift of what all men love more then anything, STEAKS!”

If your dad, like Shaq, is craving a fabulous, fresh cut of steak, the old-fashioned butchers at Marconda’s Meats & Puritan Poultry and Huntington Meats can help cut your steak to order. Or go for broke and pick up the Tomahawk steak a 2.5-pound rib eye with a foot-long rib bone attached, from Huntington Meats. This giant cut is perfect for sharing, or if dad’s a hardy sort, let him enjoy it all on his own.

Beers of the World

If dad loves nothing more than chilling at the end of the day and catching a game while sipping his favorite local brew, he’ll love the international flavors in the Beers of the World combo at Cost Plus World Market. Ten brews are included in this pack, hailing from famed beer-producing nations such as Ireland, Germany and Mexico. If dad prefers that his beers originate from some place a little more local, grab a bar stool at Bar 326 and purchase a beer flight from the Bar’s line up of 24 locally brewed craft beer.


If dad has joined the likes of Mark Twain and Winston Churchill, both of whom were known to be avid cigar smokers, there might be no better gift than a box of international cigars. Not sure where to start? Visit the Farmers Market Newsstand, which comes complete with its own walk-in humidor. There are dozens of varieties of cigars available for the picking, or ask the staff at the newsstand for their suggestion on a smooth stogie.

The Gift of Knowledge

Art books abound at specialty publisher TASCHEN, which just happens to be located at the base of our famed Clock Tower. Whether dad’s looking for a way to join in on the celebration of the centennial of the birth of John F. Kennedy’s with “Superman Comes to the Supermarket” or he’s looking for a slightly risqué romp through the forests of Bavaria in “Heimat” or maybe he’s just wanting to relive his childhood with “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking,” you’re sure to find a book he loves. Keep an eye out for TASCHEN’s semi-annual weekend sale in late June, where gently used books are on sale for up to 75% off the cover price.

Sports Apparel

If dad’s looking for a new Laker’s or Dodger’s T-Shirt, or ready to add a new Los Angeles Rams sweatshirt to his collection, be sure to stop by Sporte Fashion, where father and son duo, Al & Eric Coffey have been working side by side for nearly 25 years.

Foodie Tasting Tour

With nearly 100 merchants and more than half of those foodie establishments, Farmers Market has many great places to eat. In fact, we have so many notable eateries, folks often tell us they get overwhelmed just deciding where to eat here.

If dad has a mild case of ADD, make it easy by signing him up for The Original Farmers Market Food & History Tour, offered by Melting Pot Food Tours. The tour makes tasting stops at many favorite Farmers Market locations, including Monsieur Marcel’s Gourmet Market, Bob’s Coffee & Donuts, Pampas Grill and more.

Or go for broke and treat day to a night at the Market during our Taste of Farmers Market event. Just $35 buys dad a full evening of bites from more than 50 eateries, plus two non-alcoholic drink tickets.

Build His Own Gift

Not exactly sure what dad wants this Father’s Day? We know gift giving can be fraught with anxiety, so the best gift might just be a Farmers Market gift certificate.