Celebrating the Dads of Farmers Market June 12, 2019 BACK TO MARKET BUZZ

The Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles has been a beloved Los Angeles landmark since it opened in 1934. More than 80 years after its grand opening, the Market continues to attract scores of locals and visitors.

But what is it that makes Farmers Market such an enduring place to visit? For many it is the sense of community provided by the Market’s merchants. In fact, dozens of our merchants have been located here for decades and their familiar faces are a delight for our guests, who have also been visiting for years.

Families are at the very core of Farmers Market’s success. As a family-owned business, The Market has countless stories of multi-generational family ownership and stewardship, which is why Father’s Day is a special celebration for us.

Farmers Market dads working alongside their children can be found at:

Pampas Grill & Phil’s Deli

Francisco Carvahalo of Pampas Grill and Phil’s Deli has not one, but two of his children working by his side. After starting both businesses nearly 15 years ago with his partner Cesar, Francisco has worked with his eldest children daily for the past few years. Gabriela handles HR for the nearly 100 employees of both establishments and Caio is in charge of operations. Francisco enjoys the time he gets to spend with his daughter and son, stating “it is a rare opportunity in this day and age and an opportunity that most parents do not have.” Together, the trio is exploring new ways of operating the business and Caio admits that... "it’s handy to have your dad nearby to buy you lunch now and then!"

Bar 326 & E.B.’s Beer & Wine

Last year, an article in L.A. Weekly called our own Bar 326 the “Best Bar to Take Your Baby To.” Among the reasons, the article said, “it's a daytime place, so it's not full of drunk creepers.” We think the family vibe could also stem from the fact that the bar is run by Gary Twinn who works alongside his son Vincent. Dad manages the bars (and can occasionally be found performing with his group, The International Swingers, at the Market while Vincent bartends and also manages the marketing and social media for both establishments.

Farm Fresh Produce

Armando Puente started working at Farm Fresh Produce in 1989 after moving to the United States from Monterrey, Mexico. After 7 years, Armando bought the stall, which he has now owned for nearly two decades. Armando’s sons are a vital part of his business. Amir works there full time and Carlos can occasionally be seen helping out behind the counter, selling fresh produce to patrons and Market restaurants. Armando, Jr. isn’t quite old enough yet for full-time employment, but he can often be seen helping out at the stand and at other Market merchants as well. Amir’s son is only two years old, but one day there may very well be 3 generations working at Farm Fresh!

Kip’s Toyland

LA’s oldest toy store, Kip’s Toyland was founded by World War II vet, the late Irvin “Kip” Kipper. Although we lost Kip a few years ago, he could often be seen working the counter greeting the grandchildren of customers who have been frequenting the shop since they were kids, even during his retirement. The shop is now run by Kip’s son Don and his granddaughter Lily, who manage the day-to-day operations.

Marconda’s Meats & Marconda's Puritan Poultry

Dave DeRosa took up ownership of this renowned family butcher shop in the early 1970s after purchasing it from his cousin Alfred who operated it since 1941. Since then, his son Lou and grandsons Cody and Tyler have all been fixtures in Marconda’s butcher shop, while grandson Thomas can be found at at the Marconda's Puritan Poultry stand nearby.

Sporte Fashion

Father and son duo, Al & Eric Coffey have been working side by side at Sporte Fashion since they purchased the shop in 1992. The popular T-shirt shop is a mainstay with visitors to Farmers Market, many of whom bought T-shirts 20 years ago and are now returning to purchase souvenirs for their own children.