Celebrating Lunar New Year at The Original Farmers Market January 18, 2017 BACK TO MARKET BUZZ

On Jan. 28—and for the following two weeks—many Angelenos will participate in Lunar New Year celebrations as we ring in the Year of Rooster. 

Although it is often called Chinese New Year, the event is a global one, with massive celebrations staged throughout Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. 

When it comes to the zodiac of the lunar calendar, people are united by their birth year, rather than month of birth as in the Western zodiac. The lunar calendar has 12 signs in total so the calendar resets itself every 12 years.

The Year of the Rooster falls in 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041.

The Year of the Rooster

So, what should we expect during the Year of the Rooster? For 2017, the rooster, a sign of dawn and awakening, enters its fire year, which means we can expect a turbulent year, filled with paradox and conflicting priorities. On the other hand, we should also see a dawning of tremendous amounts of creativity, and the year should produce tremendous new entertainment and music.

People born during the Year of the Rooster are known for fidelity and punctuality (they wake up on time) and are generally kind-hearted, independent, witty and honest. Noted celebrities born under the sign of the Rooster include Michelle Pfeiffer, Benjamin Franklin and Eric Clapton. 

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

When it comes to recognizing the Chinese New Year, there’s no right way to celebrate, although reconnecting with family almost always plays a key role. In China, nearly the entire country takes a two-week vacation to spend the days leading up to the New Year paying respect to ancestors, cleaning houses from top to bottom, and spending time with family at colossal celebratory feasts. 

In the New Year, celebrants head outdoors to join in noisy public spectacles. Sound and fireworks are important, a tradition passed down from ancient times, when the Chinese believed these tools could be used to help keep monsters from attacking their villages. 

To host your own Lunar New Year celebration, be sure to decorate using liberal splashes of red, which is considered an auspicious color in China. Another key decorating element is the presentation of lucky money, packaged in red envelopes. Although lucky money is generally given to children and unmarried people, it can also be bestowed as a token of appreciation or goodwill. 

A variety of Asian décor, including Chinese Fortune Sticks and paper lanterns, as well as dishware, cookbooks and condiments can be found at Cost Plus, at the Original Farmers Market. 

Chinese New Year at The Original Farmers Market

This year, The Original Farmers Market is unveiling festive Lunar New Year decorations throughout the Market. The centerpiece will be a hand-crafted Rooster sculpture made of steel and made by our own facilities craftsmen. The sculpture, which is more than five feet tall, weighs 430 pounds and will be prominently displayed on the Farmers Market Plaza next to the iconic Clock Tower through February 12, 2017.  

Guests can take pictures with the Rooster and share their wishes for the New Year with their friends and family using the hashtag #farmersmarketla on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo and WeChat for a chance to win great prizes.

Guests will find other touches throughout the Market, bringing together traditional Asian motifis with iconic Market symbols. Look out for red lanterns and for our famed wooden, green cars, which have been painted lucky red for the holiday and are filled with traditional mandarin trees.

Our merchants are also getting in on the action, and will be offering Lunar New Year “Lucky 8” specials as eight is an auspicious number in China. Order any two-item combo at China Depot for $8.88, for example. You could pick up a plate of taco probaditas (six mini tacos) at Loteria Grill for just $8.88 or indulge in a fresh-squeezed, 12-ounce orange juice for $2.88 at produce merchant Greenhouse Produce.  Download our Lunar New Year Specials flyer for a complete list of particpating merchants.  Specials valid through February 4, 2017.

And on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 2-5 p.m., The Original Farmers Market will be hosting a Lunar New Year celebration with The Grove. You are invited to an afternoon of festive activities including, live music, lion dancing, arts and crafts, cooking demonstrations and more.